How Do Millennials Plan to Run the Country in the Future?


It is estimated that millennials will be first eligible for positions of leadership and political authority in the late 2020’s or early 2030’s. There is no doubt that many of them have adopted some very extreme ideologies. Of course that is nothing new when it comes to young college aged people, but is this the case will today’s millennials?

Young people tend to embrace the newest shiny object when it comes to political beliefs and then it becomes vogue to adopt that as yours. After that, good ol’ peer pressure does the rest. But after they become members of the work force, most of them become moderates – either left leaning moderates or right leaning. That scenario has pretty much played itself out for many generations.

But is this the case with today’s millennials? Let us summarize for a moment about who they are and how they differ from previous generations of young people. The millennial generation is by far the most educated in all of history and they are very aware of this fact. In addition, they are by far the most tech savvy generation – to the point that they take it for granted.

To their credit, they seemed to have learned from the generation before them as their values have shifted considerably from the boomers and generation x. They seem to be more concerned with aligning their values with who they are and what they do – this is a good thing and hopefully, they continue doing this throughout their lives.

Now for the flipside. As with all young people before them, they are better educated than the previous generation, but they underestimate the wisdom that their elders have. This generation seems to be very willing to inflict great damage into what our forefathers have built without understanding the consequences.

For instance, they have blindly and quickly embraced the idea of socialism and open borders without understanding that those actions cannot be undone. Both of these actions can potentially inflict extreme damage on who we are. Secondly, they are willing to tear down and uproot pieces of art and symbols from our history without any discussion or discourse. They don’t seem to consider for a moment what those consequences would be (see my previous article about how they misunderstand socialism) from such actions.

Their generation is said to be the one who had parents that “hover” and parents that were perfectionists – therefore expecting their children to have ideal lives. It is also said that the millennial generation grew up in an environment where everyone gets trophies, so they struggle when things don’t go their way. As a result, millennials suffer more from mental health issues than any other generation before them (see my article about millennial mental health problems).

Listed below are some recent articles that address how millennials will possible change the world:

Rise of the Millennials – Why They Know So Much…Yet Understand So Little to the age of Millennials. They are smart, resourceful, talented, highly educated, team-oriented and well-traveled. Yet the average Millennial does not know how to professionally conduct him or herself in the office. He lacks the training to use proper etiquette at business dinners and other special occasions. He was not taught to value the hands-on experience of older, more seasoned generations. And he does not know how and when to accept “no” for an answer. Rise of the Millennials – Why They Know So Much…Yet Understand So Little

How Millennials will change the world: Future of Human Population P2 are primed to become the key decision makers for those trends that will soon define our current century. This is the curse and the blessing of living in interesting times. And it is both this curse and blessing that will see millennials leading the world out of the age of scarcity and into the age of abundance. How Millennials will change the world: Future of Human Population P2 | Quantumrun

Generation X needs to save America from millennials their size and cultural clout, the millennials could conceivably jump the queue, crowding out the more traditional priorities and preferences of the intervening Generation X, those roughly between ages 37 and 52 — and setting the terms of the national debate on everything from the economy to the future of free speech. Generation X needs to save America from millennials

The Trump Generation — How today’s youth will change the world my university, I belong to an environmental advocacy group called “Students for Environmental ConcernS or SECS (we’re very adamant about the ‘S’ for phonetic reasons). Saying my friends in that group were personally invested in the 2016 election would be an understatement. Many of them had volunteered on campaigns, both presidential and down-ballot. Additionally, the nightmarish possibility of a President who denies the basics of climate science was not lost on us treehuggers, especially for those who planned to work for agencies such as the National Park Service or the EPA. Anyway, back to my storytelling. The Trump Generation — How today’s youth will change the world


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