What if Hitler Never Declared War on the United States?


Hitler Never Declared War on the United StatesMany historical scholars believe that Nazi Germany would have had a much better chance of winning World War II if Hitler hadn’t declared war on the United States. And there are several compelling reasons for this theory.

More Focus on Europe

Without America’s military, Germany could have totally dominated Europe, especially if they had upheld the non-aggression pact they had signed with Stalin and the Russians. They had already gotten France to submit and Britain had been very much weakened after the repeated bombings they received from the Germany.

However in the end, both President Roosevelt and Hitler believed that it was inevitable that the United States would enter the war – it was just a matter of when. Even if that were the case, had the Americans joined the conflict just a few years later, circumstances could have far different. American forces would have probably faced a much stronger Nazi army in 1943.

A big part of Germany’s success lies with how they planned to address the Russians. Regardless of what the United States did and when, invading the Soviet Union would have been a game changer either way.

Check out the video below on the “8 Ways that Germany Could Have Won World War II”

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