Great Empires from History


One of the most debated issues in history has been trying to determine which empires were the greatest and most powerful. The real key in establishing such a list is deciding which criteria to use. There are so many factors that can be used such as largest area of control, number of people under their control, how long the empire thrived, whether or not they were ruled by single ruler, and so forth.

Of course, the history of civilization has certainly witnessed the rise and fall of several empires. Most of these powerful empires had a huge influence on history at a regional, and also a global scale. And as with most things, there are a few of these empires that definitely had a much greater influence on the world than others did.

As we said earlier, the greatness or power of an empire is a subjective thing that is not easily quantified. There are several factors that we have to consider. We mentioned several factors earlier that must be taken into account. And perhaps a combination of all of them should be quantified together to determine the greatest of all empires.

One factor that we tend to ignore is how the empire contributed to the advancement of mankind in terms of the common good. For instance, we can assess how they advanced mankind in terms of the arts and the sciences. We can also evaluate how they managed their great empire administratively, along with how they managed their empire financially.

Finally, we could examine how vibrant their faith and religion has been. All of these influential factors would be very simple to define as we could merely examine the world today for their footprints that have been passed down through the ages.

The video below lists the 10 greatest empires of all time:

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