Experts Claim Quantum Computers Will Easily Breakdown Existing Computer Security


Mankind witnessed the birth of the Nuclear Age during the 20th century when the powerful energy of the atom was released. It looks as if this century will be known for the unimaginable power of quantum computers and artificial intelligence. This will eventually occur whenever computers learn to use the computational ability from quantum mechanics.

Make Way for these Powerful Computers

Like it or not, quantum computers are coming. And any organization that fails to prepare for eventuality will most certainly wind up exposing and losing critical data simply because they will lack the encryption methods to prevent this new powerful computing power to breech their existing systems.

Yes, there will be lots of amazing benefits from quantum computing. We will see amazing feats like huge advances in cancer research, we will be able to predict where crimes and traffic accidents are most likely to occur, and we will unlock many new mysteries of our universe and our oceans. Unfortunately, evil people will also have this marvelous computing power – as they do now.

Cyber Thieves will Also Become Powerful

This amazing level of computing power will be able to unlock all kinds of secrets and sensitive information. This could range from your personal health or financial records, your corporate and employment research projects, and even your classified government intelligence information – if you have government clearance.

Understand this is no theoretical claim. A powerful algorithm created by popular mathematician Peter Shor has already demonstrated how powerful these computers will be, as they will be able to factor incredibly large numbers much quicker and more efficiently than today’s classical computers. Having the ability to factor large numbers quickly is the very foundation of today’s current encryption standards.

This means that the potential impact of quantum computing power on our national defense system will be unthinkable. The question becomes whether or not the United States will be ready to defend itself against this computing power.

The good news (for now) is that computer scientists are estimating that it will be at least ten years before these quantum computers will  be powerful enough to breakdown existing public-key cryptography. Hopefully, we will be ready for these new machines.

Security community urged to prepare for quantum computing“Despite violent disagreements between cryptographers and physicists, it is not a question of if, but of when quantum computing will be a reality, and when it is, many of the current encryption techniques companies rely on will be open to cracking,” said Jaya Baloo, CISO of KPN Telecom in the Netherlands. Security community urged to prepare for quantum computing

Quantum Computing Is the Next Big Security Risk consequences of mastering quantum computing, while not as visual or visceral as a mushroom cloud, are no less significant than those faced by the scientists who lit up the New Mexico sky with the detonation at the Trinity test site 72 years ago. In the same way that atomic weaponry symbolized power throughout the Cold War, quantum capability is likely to define hegemony in today’s increasingly digital, interconnected global economy. Quantum Computing Is the Next Big Security Risk | WIRED

Experts say it’s time to create new cryptography for the quantum age computing has been a subject of academic study for well more than a decade, but more recently, it’s become the focus of potential applications being developed by such companies as Microsoft, IBM, Google and Boeing. D-Wave Systems, a Vancouver, B.C.-based company that’s attracted investment funding from Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, already offers a computer that’s capable of a limited type of quantum computing. Experts say it’s time to create new cryptography for the quantum age – GeekWire



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