Does the Left Understand Why They Keep Losing?


The Left has Overplayed Their Hand Ever Since Trump Won the Presidency. Why Couldn’t They Just Let Nature Take Its Course? They Would Be Better Off Today.

does the left understand why they keep losingImagine for a minute if the left had simply accepted the results of the 2016 Election. What if Hillary and Obama had acknowledged that Donald Trump is now the new President and pledged their support as Americans. What would have happened after that?

The Mainstream Media

To begin with, Americans would trust and believe the mainstream media much more than they do now. Before Trump was even inaugurated, the media blasted every his every single move. Ben Shapiro was on CNN in late November 2016, where the host and guests were overreacting to the “Hamilton” story and VP Mike Pence. Ben warned them that their credibility is going to suffer badly if they keep “turning up the dial to 11” over every little Trump action that outraged them. “Where will you put the dial when you actually have something important to say?” he asked.

Here are some more examples of media reporting “fake news”:

  • CNN actually cut segments out of their footage to make it look like Trump fed koi fish wrong in Japan
  • Reporter tweeted out that Trump removed MLK bust from the Oval office, when it was actually moved to the other side of the room
  • Reporter tweeted out pictures of empty stadium hours before a Trump rally, claiming that no one showed up

I could list hundreds of these examples, but you get the message. I believe that the mainstream media has done irreparable damage to their credibility. If you noticed, poll numbers for the media is always among the lowest out there.

Initial Push Back of the Left

There were three things that occurred during the time after Trump won the election in November 2016 and his inauguration. The first was the immediate response by the financial markets, as they shot up to new highs. A Clinton victory would not have triggered a market rally because she promised more taxes.

The second thing that occurred was the left attack on the vote tally in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania. A recount had started until Federal judges ordered them to stop because the initiator had no legal grounds to request a recount. The partial recount in each state actually awarded more votes to Trump before they were stopped.

The third thing that occurred after the election was the left attack on the electoral voters. Celebrities from Hollywood began a huge attack on the electoral voters. In the end, they only pissed off the voters as Trump picked a few electoral votes.

Funny how the left didn’t get a clue from all this.

Trump Initial Mistakes

The fact is that President Trump made his share of mistakes, especially during his first year. This is understandable because he had never been a politician before, yet here he is the most powerful politician in the world.

The left never allowed those mistakes to inflict maximum political damage. In fact, it most likely had the opposite effect. Whenever Trump made a mistake, they overstated it to the point that his supporters rallied around him. If they had accepted the election results and not overplayed Trump’s mistakes, people would’ve seen those mistakes for what they were.

The left chose to continue with their anti-Trump rallies and protests. The big problem is that they have been protesting everything since 2013 to the point that protests have zero effect anymore. People are actually quite tired of them.

Democratic Opposition of Everything

Another huge mistake of the left has been the choice of democrats to oppose everything that Donald Trump does. Maybe they should have carefully picked their battles.

For instance, every single one of Trump’s cabinet picks were vehemently opposed. The Dems implied that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a racist who should not be confirmed. Yet, Sessions has gone on to hurt Trump more than help him. Sessions is the main reason for the Mueller investigation and Sessions’ Senate seat was flipped to the Democrats. So it would have actually been a great help to Trump if Sessions had not been confirmed.

Secondly, the democrats chose to oppose at all costs Trump’s supreme court nominee Scott Gorsuch. This prompted the Senate GOPs to pass the “nuclear option” so that they could confirm Gorsuch with a simple majority, rather than requiring 60 votes. This “nuclear option” was then used to confirm Trump’s second supreme court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh in October 2018. Everyone knows that Kavanaugh would have never been confirmed if 60 votes had been required, yet the Dems forced the GOP to resort to the nuclear option.

Before the heated national debate over confirming Kavanaugh took place, voter enthusiasm for the GOPs was considerably lower than that of the Dems for the 2018 midterms. It looked as if the Dems had a great chance of winning both the House and the Senate. Everyone in politics knows that every new President’s party usually takes a beating in their first midterm election – history supports this.

But after the Dems chose to oppose the Kavanaugh confirmation using allegedly false rape allegations that could not even be corroborated, GOP voters became infuriated.

And today as voting for the midterms are now underway, it looks as if the GOP will easily keep the Senate and most likely add seats. Where it looked like the Dems would take the House easily before the Kavanaugh debacle, the GOP now have a very good chance of keeping their majority in the House.

Dems are their Own Worst Enemy

After looking over the events of Trump’s first two years in office, it is easy to see how the Dems have become their own worst enemy. Several of them have even acknowledged that their repeated attacks usually end up helping Trump, but those same people end up attacking Trump even more. It seems as though they can’t help themselves – like an alcoholic who is trying to lay off the hooch.

In spite of Trump’s remarkable accomplishments in only two years, over 90% of the mainstream media’s news about him has been negative. Yet, his approval rating is better than Obama’s was at the same time in their Presidential terms.

Does the left even understand why they keep losing? Because it looks like their Resistance is actually having the opposite effect. Maybe the left ought to try shutting up for a change – just sayin’.



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