Do Nootropics Work?

As we become more and more curious about these new smart drugs that popped up in our markets a few years ago, the question most asked is “Do nootropics work?” We are seeing countless health supplement companies who are now branding these nootropics as miracle drugs along with a variety of claims about how they will change our lives.

As many of us have probably heard, there have been several studies that discovered these nootropics supplements are capable of boosting cognitive performance. This is especially the case in regards to brain functions such as memory, focus, willpower, and creativity. These so-called “smart drugs” are typically a combination of nutrients, amino acids, minerals, and other assorted compounds that our brains use for cognition fuel.

Filling the Demand for Nootropics

buy nootropics ukAll of us get this brain fuel primarily from our diet, and even from some of our daily habits like tea and coffee. Here is where nootropics come into play. The diet that most modern Westerners consume is not getting other types of nootropics that are not there naturally.  This is the demand that the supplement market is now serving.

So now people want to know how we can get these missing nootropics into our bodies?  The answer is by using health supplements. But what we need to know is that manufacturing an effective supplement is an easy endeavor. It is not as simple as throwing everything into the pot and cranking out a smart drug. Therefore, in order to create nootropics supplements that are effective will demand a comprehensive understanding of neuroscience and interactions of the various ingredients at given dosages.

After discussing with several veteran nootropics users, we have learned about methods of incorporating these missing items in a person’s diet. The most responsible users typically use some very reliable criteria in selecting which ones to go with. Specifically, they look for three things.

1) They ensure that the nootropics they use have been supported by multiple studies. And these studies must have been conducted on humans.

2) They select nootropics that have the highest efficacy to expense ratios. This ensures that they get sufficient bang for their buck.

3) They pick nootropics that are safe and legal. Why put yourself in the hospital? That would defeat the purpose.

Six (6) Primary Benefits of Nootropics

Another concern for people who are interested in starting a nootropics regimen is what exactly these products will do for them. Listed below are the six major benefits of nootropics:

1) Nootropics Boost Memory and Learning

Every single one of us has benefited from our personal learning process throughout our lives. Imagine if somehow we were able to double or triple the effectiveness of that process. Perhaps that doesn’t sound very plausible. But what if we increased our learning ability and memory by 30% or 50%? This is the potential of using the right nootropics stack.


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2) Nootropics Improve Attention and Focus

Another daily brain function is our ability to concentrate and focus when we most need our mental abilities. Most people are not aware that we actually have several different types of attention, and each of them stands to benefit.

3) Nootropics Provide More Brain Energy

Amazingly, our brain requires about 20% of our body’s total energy. And scientists have told us for many years that the overall health of our brain is dependent on our brain energy. 

4) Nootropics Lead to a Better Mood

Our moods exist across an extremely wide span of various states of mind – among those include depression and anxiety. Past studies have indicates that bad moods contribute greatly to the low energy of the brain and low resistance to stress.

5) Nootropics Increase Your Stress Resilience

Everyone knows that lots of stress will greatly affect mental performance and general well-being. There are actually a few nootropics that are very effective at stress management.

6) Nootropics Offer Neuroprotection

There is no doubt that the main attraction to nootropics is their ability to provide helpful short-term benefits. However, people should not overlook their ability to provide long-term neuroprotective as well. In fact, some might argue that this is the best benefit of taking nootropics.


We first asked the question, “Do nootropics work?” While these products can provide several positive effects on our overall brain health, we should never forget that they are no substitute for a balanced healthy diet. Our meals should always provide most of the nootropics that our brains need. These supplements should be used to shore up any deficiencies in your present eating habits.