7 Lies you Believe About Animals

As it turns out, many of the assumptions we have made about certain animals are not true at all. Yet many of us keep repeating these faulty stories from myths and incorrect studies that have since been debunked. Let us examine 7 erroneously believed animal “facts” that really aren’t factual in the least.

7 Common Misconceptions about Animals

1) The Zebra’s Black and White Stripes is not camouflage. This is a myth that has been circulating for years and years. However, scientists have long since debunked this camouflage theory, and we still have no clue why their stripes exist.

This myth most likely came about as humans observed zebras from a perspective of human vision. It seemed like a good reason that by having a confusion of colors it would allow them blend into their surroundings.

2) Piranhas do not devour anyone who jumps into piranha-infested waters. We have seen this myth promoted on TV and it movies which makes us think that it is a death sentence to swim with piranhas. The fact is that they do not kill mammals for food. This is because their normally eat carcasses that are decomposing.

Even when they get desperate for food, they will typically eat other fish and even insects – not an entire cow. This myth was largely promoted after Teddy Roosevelt returned from an Amazon trip.

penguin3) Penguins are not as sweet and adorable as people think. The fact is humans have not had a lot of interaction with penguins, yet we like to view them as lovely creatures that live in under some of the planet’s harshest conditions. Even how they like to walk is seen as cute.

The fact is that these terrible creatures commit perhaps the most heinous acts of depravity in the entire animal kingdom. For instance, the male Adelie penguin who live in Antarctica often engage in rape and necrophilia. This was initially documented by a scientist from Britain who studied them during an expedition that took place from 1910 to 1913.

Also female emperor penguins have actually kidnapped the chicks from other penguins to compensate for a lack of fertility. And if they were opposed, they get extremely violent. In fact, these female emperor penguins have resorted to kidnapping chicks from totally different bird species as well and attempted to raise them as one of their own.

pigs4) Pigs do not sweat and they are not nasty. So when people use the term “sweating like a pig”, it is just plain wrong because pig do not have working sweat glands. This is why they get in the mud, so they can cool off.

Also, contrary to what most people believe, pigs are actually pretty clean animals. In fact, most of them would give some of the cleanest humans in the world a run for their money. We got this misconception about them because of the places on a farm where they are forced to live.

Pigs that live in the wild will not pass any bodily waste near the area where they live. Some of them even wash their food before they eat.

Praying mantis5) The Female Praying Mantis does not always eat its male lover. Even the Discovery Channel has clearly said that the female eats the head of the male praying mantis that she is mating with.

However, biologists conducted a test to see if this popular belief is true, and they discovered that it was not. The female praying mantises that had done this were in captivity. As it turns out, this environment is totally different than what this creature would prefer. They actually would choose a private space in their normal environment. Previously, there were several people in lab coats hovering over them, closely examining their every move.

And the praying mantis couples that were used in these early tests were also very hungry and starving. So actually, the male praying mantises were just as likely to eat their sexual partners as would the females were.

So whenever scientists actually set up the conditions that mimicked there actually preferences, they observed a radically different outcome. From 69 different experiments, there was just one female praying mantis who ate her male after mating with him.

cockroach6) Cockroaches most likely would not survive a nuclear annihilation. This myth has circulated throughout the Internet for years. It most likely came from the rubble and aftermath of Nagasaki and Hiroshima where they observed a few cockroaches after the bombs were dropped. But they were not the sole creatures to have survived.

While it may be true that cockroaches could have a bigger resistance to extinction and radiation than some other living creatures, more current studies have revealed that they would probably be the very first bugs to get wiped out whenever one of these big bombs reach the ground.

dog7) The Alpha Dog Training Technique is not applicable to domestic dogs. Several dog trainers and dog training methods talk about the alpha dog technique. This means that you assert your dominance and let the canine know who is in charge since that is how things work in the wild.

This technique comes from the belief that all wolf packs have an alpha wolf, who is the dominant leader that calls all the shots. Therefore, dogs are in the same family and should be trained the same way.

As you might have known, it is a very cruel way to train your dog. And it actually points out a basic misunderstanding about the way that real wolf packs work. This alpha male theory comes from very early research pertaining to pack behavior, but only in an unnatural environment. More recent research about wolf packs in the wild has totally debunked these original conclusions.

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Nature Evens the Score as Suspected Poacher is Mauled by Lions

Nature Evens the Score as Suspected Poacher is Mauled by LionsThe lifeless body of what local authorities believe was a poacher that had gotten mauled by a pride of lions in the country of South Africa recently. Local reporting has established that the majority of the male body has been eaten. Thus, the body was very difficult to identify. But ammo and a hunting rifle was discovered nearby.

Body’s Location

This male body had been found within the borders of the Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve, which is a private game reserve that is located near the famous and popular Kruger National Park, located in northeastern region of South Africa. Since this man had been supposedly intruding upon the lands of the reserve and discover with weapons in its possession, local authorities feel that he was there to poach.

Whether or not he had gone there to poach lions could not be determined without some more evidence. Local media outlet Sowetan Live quoted a reserve employee who described the area as “lion territory.”

What was the Poacher’s Target?

This particularly region has been traditionally noted for high levels of rhino poaching, and rhinos have always been a more profitably animal to hunt illegally. In the year 2017, rhino poaching in this region had declined slightly. The Kruger region had witnessed a huge increase from 13 rhinos that were murdered in the year 2007 to over 1,000 rhinos killed in year 2014. Within many regions of Asia, the rhino’s horn is in very high demand, where it has been used as an (ineffective) type of alternative medicine and is also carved into forms of art.

Michael ‘t Sas-Rolfes has studied the market influences that pertain to poaching from the University of Oxford and happened to be in South Africa whenever this body had been discovered.

“If you look at the economics of poaching, these guys are taking a risk. It’s got to be worth their while,” he commented. “The probability [of being caught] and penalty is about the same… but the price for lion body parts is way lower than rhino horn.”

Poachers in this area have also been known to hunt for elephant ivory or bush meat.

Whenever lions have been poached, Sas-Rolfes claims that it is sometimes just a revenge killing or even a matter of an opportunistic situation.

“The body parts taken are typically teeth and claws. At the moment, it isn’t a huge epidemic,” he added, and he also pointed out that the market for lion fangs could actually be increasing. But he is quick to add that he does not want to label lion parts as being more profitable since this perception can actually end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In regards to the lions that were poached within the region, many of those were killed at reserves and sanctuaries.

During an interview last fall, Paul Funston, who comes from the big cat conservation group called Panthera has speculated that the ongoing legal trade for captive lion parts may be stirring up wild demand. Since the year 2016, the poaching of lions has been slowly rising, but rising continuously. Many times, lion parts are often found right along with rhino parts.

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The Sun is Going to Lose 7% of its Energy in about 30 years

The Sun is Going to Lose 7% of its Energy in about 30 yearsThis is brand study in the field of science that has been recently posted which describes a phenomenon that is referred to as the solar “grand minimum.” It is sometimes called the “prolonged sunspot minimum” as well, and it is a timespan that occurs whenever the magnetic pull of the Sun’s begins to diminish. When it happens, we see fewer sunspots, and there is less ultraviolet radiation that is reaching the Earth’s surface. This is because of random fluctuations in the magnetic field of the Sun. All of this scientific activity results in cooler temperatures for those of us on Earth, and it will also cause the Sun to look dimmer.

Periodicity of the Sun

Presently, our Sun is engaged in an 11-year up/down cycle, however this grand minimum is going to be particularly cold, as we will see the activity of the Sun sink lower than its normal 11-year low. And this will translate to much cooler temperatures for certain regions of the world.

Exactly how cold will it get? Forecasts which are based on studies of prior sunspot reductions that have preceded a grand minimum period, are saying that we will see about a 7% reduction in the Sun’s heat and light. And we need to keep in mind that this is 7% lower than the low point of the Sun’s normal 11 year cycle that we have typically seen.

History of the Grand Minimum

This is kind of grand minimum happened previously during the mid-1600s. It was referred to as the “Maunder Minimum” (it was actually named after 2 very well respected astronomers of their time, who were Edward Walter Maunder and Anne Russel Maunder), the cooler temperatures of the times witnessed the freezing of the Thames river, and also the Baltic Sea — which actually let a Swedish army invade Denmark as they marched right across the ice.

And at the very same time, they observed the warming of Alaska and Southern Greenland, because of the thinning of the stratospheric ozone layer over the planet, which resulted in changes of weather and wind patterns all throughout the world.

As far as predicting the precise date and even the event’s severity, that is still a bit of a mystery, but clues are all pointing to everything reaching its bottom sometime around the year 2050. This event could actually begin as early as 2030. In case you are wondering, the previous Maunder Minimum took place from the year 1645 until around 1715.

So is this going to help save us from the effects of global warming? These very same scientists do not believe this will be true.

“The cooling effect of a grand minimum is only a fraction of the warming effect caused by the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” as stated in the study.

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That Hole in the Earth’s Ozone Layer Is Closing

That Hole in the Earth's Ozone Layer Is ClosingThis is great news. It appears that all the efforts to repair that hole discovered in the Earth’s ozone layer located over the Antarctica is working. This is what was discovered in a brand new study that looks directly at the chemicals that have been destroying the ozone layer.

The Earth’s ozone layer is critical as it is protects the surface of our planet from the most harmful rays from the sun. These are the rays which cause cataracts and cancer within human beings, and that damage plant life, as reported by NASA. During In the 1980s, scientists discovered a huge hole located in the ozone layer over the region of the Antarctica. It was determined that this was caused mainly by chemicals that are referred to as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which were produced by humans.

Satellite Confirmations

Prior observations from satellite have witnessed size changes in that ozone hole, taking note that it can shrink and grow from one year to the next. However this new study is the very first to measure changes in the chlorine levels — which the primary CFC byproduct that is responsible for the depletion of the ozone — in the atmosphere which lies above Antarctica. This study has indicated 20% decrease in the depletion of the ozone because of chlorine.

New Ozone Studies

This brand new study examined the ozone data that was collected between the years 2005 and 2016 by an instrument called the Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) that is onboard the Aura satellite. This instrument is not able to directly detect the atoms of chlorine, rather it detects hydrochloric acid, which will forms whenever methane reacts with chlorine atoms, and then they bond with hydrogen. Whenever Antarctica is exposed to sunlight during the Southern Hemisphere’s long summer, the CFCs will break down and start producing chlorine, which will then bust apart the ozone atoms. However, during the winter months at Antarctica, this chlorine will then bind with methane “once all the ozone has been destroyed” within its vicinity.

“By around mid-October, all the chlorine compounds are conveniently converted into one gas, so by measuring hydrochloric acid, we have a good measurement of the total chlorine,” stated the lead study author Susan Strahan, who is an atmospheric scientist from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center located in Greenbelt, Maryland.

This MLS instrument has directly observed the ozone hole every day throughout the Southern Hemisphere’s winter.

“During this period, Antarctic temperatures are always very low, so the rate of ozone destruction depends mostly on how much chlorine there is,” Strahan added. “This is when we want to measure ozone loss.”

Since prior studies were dependent upon measurements of the ozone hole’s physical size, the study’s authors claim their research is the very first to show directly that this ozone depletion is lowering because of the decrease in chlorine levels from CFCs. The 20% reduction in the depletion is “very close to what our model predicts we should see for this amount of chlorine decline,” Strahan noted.

“This gives us confidence that the decrease in ozone depletion through mid-September shown by MLS data is due to declining levels of chlorine coming from CFCs,” she added. “But we’re not yet seeing a clear decrease in the size of the ozone hole because that’s controlled mainly by temperature after mid-September, which varies a lot from year to year.”

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs

Even though we have heard that dogs are man’s best friend, they were not actually meant to be with man. Their ancestors are predators that live in the wild. In fact, they are pack animals by natural. Dogs are extremely intelligent; they are great at hunting and are perfect for providing a very effective level of protection for a family.

But we have all read about the opposite occurring, where dogs that were allegedly tame attacked their owners for seemingly no reason at all. Dog owners need to always be respectful and aware of the violence that dogs can exert on humans. This is particularly true with certain dog breeds which are listed below.

The top 10 most dangerous dogs

10. Doberman Pinschers

Dobermans are very intelligent and quite strong, which makes them perfect candidates for guard dogs. They have both been used as home protection dogs and used to hunt down criminals by the police. The problem with them is that they must be tamed and raised properly. Without the proper taming, they could attack someone in the future, and these Doberman Pinschers is quite capable of killing a person.



9. Huskies

Huskies are quite popular dogs because of their compelling eyes. But the beautiful eyes on Huskies are not what make them special, they are best known for pulling sleds in snowy arctic environments – and they can pull them for miles and miles without becoming tired. Huskies are generally safe when they have been properly tamed and they are alone.

However, even if they are tamed, a group of them together should not ever be approached without great caution. According to reported cases of Husky attacks, they are most dangerous in groups.



8. Bullmastiff

You should always keep your kids away from a Bullmastiff. They are quite huge and any child would be no match for them. In the year 2014, there was a Bullmastiff that leaped over a fence and violently attacked two teenagers who were playing in a neighbor’s garden. The dog killed one of them and even tried to attack its own owner.

Bullmastiffs were initially used as guard dogs because of huge size. These dogs should always be treated with great caution and respect.



7. Wolfdog

These wolfdogs are actually a hybrid between a mountain wolf and a German shepherd. It is this combination which makes this dog extremely dangerous. They are capable of behaving themselves and being a perfectly protective dog or they can become a vicious beast if agitated by the situation. Wolfdogs are actually banned in certain countries like Norway.



6. Midacet Sula Shephard

The Midacet Sula Shephard is total combination of unknown breeds that have been bred for only one goal – to make the world’s most dangerous dog breed. These dogs would actually be the prefect guard dog if it weren’t for their aggressive behavior and their temperament.  These dogs are also banned in several countries.

Midacet Sula Shephard2






















5. Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasilerio is another very dangerous canine. If you are not into aggressive dogs, then you need not get one of these dogs. This dog breed hails from Brazil and is used primarily to hunt wild boar. It is best known for its aggressive behavior which can get uncontrollable. There have been several fatalities reported as a result of this dog.



4. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler’s reputation speaks for itself. If you wanted to find a dog breed that has created many deaths, then look no further. Statistics have shown that these dogs are responsible for almost 50% of all deaths that have been caused by canines in the United States. The combination of their extremely powerful bite along with their amazing jump ability is what allows them easily bite the throat of a human.  You must be very cautious around this dog.





















3. Perro De Presa Canario

These dogs were created somewhere in the Canary Islands. Like some of the dogs we mentioned earlier, it is said that this one is composed of many different breeds in order to produce a perfect fighting dog. While no clear evidence exists to fully confirm this, when observing this dog’s fighting ability along with the popularity of dog fighting in these islands, it is probably true.



2. Pitbull

The Pitbull is another dog breed that has gotten banned from several countries and it also has earned a terrible reputation for being one of the most dangerous dogs. They can be extremely aggressive and are quite popular in the dog fighting circuit because they are natural killing machines. Due to their aggressive natural and tremendous jaw strength, they are extremely dangerous.



1. Caucasian Shepherd

The Caucasian Shepherd is originally from Russia and for centuries, these dogs have been used in mountainous regions to protect their farm animals. When you realize that wolves are the predators that these dogs must fight off in the mountains, then it is apparent just how aggressive and powerful they have to be. These dogs are huge and can easily weigh over 200 lbs with most of that weight being muscle. This dog has no problem with fighting and defending itself.

Caucasian Shepherd

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Poop of Seabirds Help Spread Vital Nutrients

Poop of Seabirds Help Spread Vital NutrientsWe all know that seabirds are full of poop and they are not at all shy about sharing it either. But not everyone is put off by all their pooping. Brand new research is indicating that it is actually a good thing.

Most of us probably don’t know that bird poop is also called guano. And this guano is apparently full of those important nutrients for plants such as phosphorus and nitrogen. Whenever these seabirds get together and breed, they team up and create insane quantities of this manure. Each year, there is over 218 million pounds of phosphorus (99 million kgs) and over 1.3 billion pounds of nitrogen (591 million kgs) which are present in all of their droppings, this is in accordance to a report published recently in the publication Nature Communications.

Amazing Effect of Seabird Poop

After learning precisely the amount of these nutrients that seabirds are cranking out, scientists are now able to predict what changes could occur within the environment should these birds ever die out. In addition, there happens to be a critical goldilocks zone of nutrients that exists within bodies of water. Actually, there is a delicate balance that is required.

If there is too little of this poop, then those species that are relying on these food sources will have difficulty growing. If there is too much, then it can actually become dangerous with algal blooms that could start sucking oxygen out of the water which would kill off the fish. So it is very important to understand and be aware of where the phosphorus and nitrogen comes from. And now we know that a lot of it comes out of the butts of seabirds.

“This is really fascinating,” said Scott Winton, who is an aquatic chemist from ETH that is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Actually, Winton wasn’t involved in this research, but has performed studies on the ways that seagulls spread these nutrients – all the way from bodies of water to landfills. “I love stories like this.”

Incredible Amount of Knowledge was Gathered

Most of the time, we will hear stories about the runoff of nitrogen and phosphorus whenever human or agriculture waste that has caused too much leakage into bodies of water. This causes dead zones just like the one that chokes the Gulf of Mexico. But we also need to understand the effects from other nitrogen and phosphorus sources, such as these seabirds — who get their food out of the ocean, digest that food, and then returning back to the land through their poop. Phosphorus and nitrogen that exists in that poop will leach into all the soil, the underground reservoirs, the rivers and lakes, and also the ocean.

So these scientists who were led by Miguel Angel Huerta-Diaz, who comes from the Universidad Autónoma, that is located in de Baja California, Mexico, was wanting to learn the amount of nutrients that comes from all these millions of seabirds globally. After measuring the number of birds who visit breeding sites, how long all the various species remain there, leaning the approximate the sizes of them, these researchers discovered that the seabirds produce about the same quantity of nitrogen and phosphorus as the fishing industry does. But they do not produce quite as much nitrogen as bean farming. And we know that quite a bit more phosphorus still comes out of rocks and other sediments than out of bird poop.

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12 Camels Booted Out of Beauty Contest for Using Botox

12 Camels Booted Out of Beauty Contest for Using BotoxYes, you read it right – this is not a misworded headline. As it turns out, Megyn Kelly is not the only one concerned about the plastic surgery background of others. It seems that these 12 camels might also become guests on her show. We are talking about camels who attempted to participate in Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz Camel Festival.

Camel Beauty Contest

An event during the King Abdulaziz festival happens to be a camel beauty contest. Officials from that beauty contest were forced to make the difficult decision of kicking 12 camels out of the contest for getting Botox injections – as reported in The National, which is a United Arab Emirates-based newspaper out of an Abu Dhabi. Obviously, Botox is forbidden for the camel beauty contest participants. And the contest is obviously quite competitive as well.

A Very Popular Event

The National further stated that 300,000 people and over 30,000 camels were in attendance for the second annual King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, which is scheduled to run from through the entire month of January this year. And when we see the total prize money for this year’s festival is $57 million, then it is understandable to see how the camel beauty contest could become very competitive. This is especially true since apparently $31.8 million was reserved for “pageantry”.

It is hard to imagine all the creative ways that they are using Botox and other cosmetic methods to gain an edge over fellow camel owners. And it makes one wonder exactly how much of this is legal – if any – and how many times they get away with doing these things.

“They use Botox for the lips, the nose, the upper lips, the lower lips and even the jaw,” said Ali Al Mazrouei, who is a festival regular attendee. “It makes the head more inflated, so when the camel comes it’s like, ‘Oh look at how big that head is. It has big lips, a big nose.'”

And it was reported just days before the festival started, even a veterinarian was caught red-handed as he was giving Botox to camels and also performing surgery in order to reduce their ear size, The National stated.

In addition, The National reported that height, shape, and placement of its hump were all factors in this camel beauty contest, but also claimed that, “a full, droopy lip and large features are essential to achieving camel celebrity status in the multimillion-dollar industry of camel pageantry.”

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