Category: Sciences

Scientists have created an algorithm that allows robots to evaluate chaos within any environment several orders of magnitude quicker than previous attempts. This new algorithm brings us a step closer toward home robots that would be able to quickly assess disordered and unpredictable spaces. Evaluating Common Events Like Bottlenecks “Robot perception is one of the […]
A small grain discovered inside a meteorite in Antarctica is shedding light on how our solar system came into existence. Scientists sliced open a meteorite found within the LaPaz icefield located in Antarctica to reveal an interesting and surprising discovery. Within this meteorite was an inclusion that was determined to come straight from the nova […]
Mankind witnessed the birth of the Nuclear Age during the 20th century when the powerful energy of the atom was released. It looks as if this century will be known for the unimaginable power of quantum computers and artificial intelligence. This will eventually occur whenever computers learn to use the computational ability from quantum mechanics. […]
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