We Cry over Gun Victims yet IGNORE 3 Times As Many Suicide Victims

Why Scream over Gun Shootings while IGNORING 3 Times As Many Suicide VictimsWe have all witnessed the horrific tragedy that occurred in Parkland, Florida. And unfortunately within minutes of the event, we started seeing the political spins about gun control from both sides of the aisle.

Those emotions resulted in a massive March 14 nationwide walk-out in remembrance of the 17 victims. But that walk-out evolved into a political outcry for more gun control.

Yet there are no tears or outcries for suicide victims.

3 Times More Suicide Victims than Gun Homicides

Why do we scream out so loudly for more gun control and cry so deeply for the victims, while ignoring the huge number of victims of suicides?

In 2016, there were 3 times more suicides in America than gun homicides. In 2014, there were almost four times more suicides. The number of annual suicides grew over 30% from 2008 to 2016.

How many nationwide walk-outs have there been for the victims of suicide?

I’ll give you a hint – it’s a very low number

Listed below are the numbers of suicides that have occurred each year from 1999-2016 in the United States as compared to the numbers of gun homicides.

The Deception of Gun Violence Numbers

When you perform a Google search for gun violence or gun related deaths, you will find data that INCLUDES suicides. Thus, you wind up with numbers that are three or four times as high.

Countless gun control articles out there refer to these inflated numbers as they talk about gun shooting incidents to support their argument. They will use the terms “deaths by gun violence” or “gun related deaths” so they can legally include the inflated numbers that contain suicides.

But can we really consider a gun related suicide as a violent death?

Do we consider an act where someone hung themselves as a violent act? Don’t think so …

How about when someone cuts their wrists, is this considered a “knife related death”?

Sadly, suicides will continue to be ignored by the public UNTIL they can satisfy someone’s political agenda.

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5 Typical Career Mistakes That Will Sabotage Your Future

5 Typical Career Mistakes That Will Sabotage Your FutureIf you haven’t progressed as far as you’d hoped in your career, know that you are not alone. Some 85% of all Americans detest their jobs, says Gallup. Many of these people place the blame directly on their boss, and maybe they are indeed partially responsible. But the quite a bit of the problem is probably staring right back at you in your mirror. Lots of us are making terrible career that are holding us back, claims Skip Prichard, who is the author of The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets for Creating a Successful Future.

Why Some Succeed and Some Fail

“I’ve always wondered why some people succeed and some fail,” says Prichard, who’s actually been a CEO for several corporations. “Some of the biggest regrets are not being more true to yourself.”

After evaluating and studying the psychology of leadership as well as conducting interviews on over 1,000 individuals for his blog, Prichard discovered that the big difference between failure and success is the simple avoidance of common pitfalls. Here are five pitfalls that is probably holding you back today.

1) Working on Someone Else’s Dream

Perhaps you chose to study engineering based on advice from your parents, or maybe went into marketing as your manager thought you would be very good at it – in spite of having an interest in finance. “You had a dream but you killed it,” noted Prichard. “When you go through with someone else’s dream, you won’t have the same amount of drive or energy to move forward in your career.”

Having that feeling of being drained is a sure signal that you are not doing what is right for you right now. “When you are doing your passion, you feel energized every day,” he points out. “You might also be doing the right thing in the wrong environment. Perhaps the organization or leadership style isn’t for you. Know yourself, and take the risk to go follow your dream career or company.”

2) Allowing Others to Define your Value

Some say that it actually costs around 11 cents to create a nickel, but we will all have to accept that it is only worth five cents because we call it a nickel, commented Prichard. “How often do you let someone else define your value with statements like ‘You’re not good at sports.’ Or ‘Who do you think you are?’” he often asks.

Successful folks will not accept false labels that have been attached to them. “Be confident, master your strengths, and do not be defined by what others say about you,” urges Prichard. “Why would you let someone else define your value?”

3) Accepting Excuses

This one is huge as it pertains to all that we do, said Prichard. “It’s about personal accountability,” he commented further. “When someone has a lot of excuses, they may be compelling, but not many people care. We’re all busy.”

In the business world, true leaders claim and take ownership. “They say, this is my fault, I tried something and it didn’t work, but I’m going to make it right,” claims Prichard. “They don’t run; they take personal accountability. They don’t pretend nobody noticed, and say, ‘It’s not my fault; the product was the problem.’ People who make and accept excuses are not likely to get promoted.”

4) Hanging Out with the Wrong People

You’ll be the very same person 5 years from now with the exception of the books you have read and as well as the people you have met, the great motivational speaker named Charlie “Tremendous” Jones once claimed. The people that you hang out with turn out to be the voices that are put inside your head, Prichard says.

“What are you feeding your mind?” he likes to ask. “People can’t ignore this one; you will become the people you hang around with. Where are they taking you?”

Pay close attention to your peers and colleagues. Have they been striving to make themselves better? Or do they simply blame the people around them? “Pick your pals as deliberately as you would pick your wardrobe,” urges Prichard.

5) Staying in your Comfort Zone

All growth occurs at the limits of your comfort zone, Prichard states. For instance, at the gym, the very last reps will hurt, but that is when you get to new levels.

“Prime time is in the evening,” he claims. “Are you on the sofa eating chips and watching TV instead of using your prime time to change your future?”

When you pick up a brand new skill, the very first time can be a nerve-racking experience. “Success is about consistently doing uncomfortable things,” said Prichard. “If you let your comfort zone fence you in, you’ll miss it. Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. You’ll increase your comfort zone and become more valuable so you have better earning potential.”

Successful individuals know that there isn’t a finite quantity of anything. “Success is an unlimited resource available to all of us,” points out Prichard. “When you see someone else doing well, go from jealously to curiosity. You can duplicate it and succeed in a different way.”

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10 Damaging facts Revealed from the DNC Leaks

One thing that we learned from the 2016 Presidential Campaign is that the Democratic Party and email mix about as well as nitro and glycerin. The massive email scandal that occurred in the summer of 2016 was a huge media explosion and it sent shockwaves all through the Democrats. This scandal involved tens of thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that were leaked to Wikileaks. These leaked emails revealed a political party that were biased beyond all imagination, that they were driven by scandal, and that they excelled at being incompetent.

1) The DNC Bad Mouthed their Donors

dnc donorsA primary function for the DNC is to raise future funds for to support the Democratic Party. Every political party relies heavily on these donations, so common sense would tell you that they would very grateful to their donors. Not the DNC.

One testy exchange of emails talks about a major donor from Florida named Stephen Bittel. They were angry because of the seat he got at a fundraiser. Jordan Kaplan, who was the DNC national finance director, stated angrily, “He doesn’t sit next to POTUS!” Alexandra Shapiro, who was his deputy at the time, responded that “Bittel will be sitting in the shittiest corner I can find.” Another email called several major donors to the DNC as “clowns.”

And in another exhangel, Shapiro mockingly compared the New York philanthropist Philip Munger to the Maryland ophthalmologist Sreedhar Potarazu. She lamented that Munger had donated a mere $100,600 over the years, as compared to Potarazu’s family donating $332,250. So much for gratitude.

2) The DNC sucks at Managing Donor Data

dnc hacksMost of the time when people give away big buck to a political party, they do it with the understanding that their private data will be protected. Not so with the DNC. Their staffers repeatedly sent emails that contained their donors’ names, their credit card numbers, their contact information, and even their social security numbers. Should this info ever be hacked—and it eventually was—it would be a field day for an identity thief.

Many of those screw-ups were just plain stupid. One staffer sent out an image of a $150,000 check, apparently not knowing that any hacker could withdraw money from any checking account with only a routing number from the check. And because of this email leak, that data is on the Internet for any person to see.

3) Strong bias against Bernie Sanders

bias against bernieThe guideline of the DNC requires that it remain neutral during presidential primaries. These emails show that they violated this guideline over and over again. During the 2016 primaries,  the DNC constantly undermined Senator Sanders and his attempt to win the primary.

In a 2016 May email, DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz stated that Bernie Sanders “isn’t going to be president.” In April, she had written that he had “no understanding of” the Democratic Party.

4) Questioning the religion of Bernie Sanders

bernie sanders religionOne of the dirtiest parts about the DNC campaign attacks against Bernie Sanders pertained to his religious beliefs. A May email that was written by DNC CFO Brad Marshall proposed a plan to attack Sanders’s campaign by posing questions to his religious beliefs.

The email stated: “It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”

This is amazingly unethical, when you consider that the DNC own regulations state they should be impartial during the primaries.

5) Questionable Journalistic Ethics

politicoIt is not common for a journalist to email advance copies of the stories they write to those people they are writing about. Doing so would be a horrific breach of journalistic ethics. These leaked emails indicate that at least one major journalist sent stories to the Dems to “get approval” before making them public.

One particular email from Kenneth Vogel of Politico that was sent to the DNC was revealed. It was entitled “per agreement . . . Any thoughts appreciated.” Attached was a major news story he penned in April.

6) Hostile Attacks on Opposing Media Stories

news mediaWhenever we hear about the DNC making a hostile attack on a Republican media outlet, we would not be surprised. However, these emails indicate that anger at the DNC runs deeper than this. During the presidential primaries, the DNC had openly defined “hostile media” as “anyone who doesn’t like Hillary.”

Even some leftist reporters were considered way too pro-Bernie for the DNC and those were constantly denied interviews and were tagged as “Berniebros.” Mark Thompson, from Sirius, got an interview denied after he was believed to prefer Bernie over Hillary. Whenever MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski hammered the DNC over its anti-Bernie bias, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz called the president of NBC and demanded an apology from her. Even a Twitter hashtag, #bernieclickbait, was established to mock the DNC bias toward Hillary Clinton.

Yet again, the DNC was supposedly bound by its very own rules to be impartial, but these emails clearly indicate the bias.

7) Possibly Planting Informers in the Sanders Campaign

bernie sandersBy now, we have seen that the DNC treated the primaries as a “beat Bernie” campaign. One of these emails suggested that the DNC actually planted some informers to go inside the Bernie Sanders campaign.

This information comes from a May email and refers to a “counter event.” This was organized on Facebook by a progressive group called Citizens for Ethical Government. The invitation indicated that Senator Sanders could be speaking over Skype. The DNC apparently freaked out by not knowing this and tried to find some “intel.” The very last email in this chain referred to someone with “friends inside the Bernie organization” who was passing information.

8) Possible FEC Violations

In May 2016, Justin Klein from HillaryClinton.com sent an email to Jordan Kaplan, who again was national finance director of the DNC. Klein had gotten a check for the amount of $144,100 that was from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians. He instructed Kaplan, “please note the first $100,200 should be allocated to the convention fund, while the remaining $43,900 should be allocated to the building fund.”

The FEC (Federal Election Commission) rules state that the existing limit for campaign contributions is $100,200 for any nonmulticandidate PACs during a single year. The email indicates that Klein, who was operating on behalf of HillaryClinton.com, was attempting to circumvent the FEC limit. This would constitute a crminal offense.

Kaplan even seems to know about this limit. His response stated “Don’t send me an email like this again . . . Don’t be a dick.”

9) Identity Politics Hypocrisies

identity politicsA very progressive wing from the Democratic Party has obsessed over identity politics for years. This email leaks reveal that the DNC actually cares very little about identity politics – it just wants its supporters to think they do. Many emails are laden with jokes about Gays, lots of stereotyping, and even possible racial slurs.

One certain email with once again, the DNC national finance director Jordan Kaplan, signs off with a “no homo” joke. Another email from DNC communications director Luis Miranda pertains to getting the Latino vote and is chock full of questionable phrases like “Hispanics are the most brand loyal consumers in the World: Known fact” and “Once a brand loses this loyalty, Hispanics never re-engage: Unforgiving.” Even Gawker labeled these comments as stereotyping.

The DNC is constantly attacked Republicans for using these kinds of phrases, yet their upper level managers use them freely.

10) Democratic Party Learned Nothing in Regards to Cyber Security

cyber-securityProbably the most damaging fact of all about the DNC email leaks is that it happened in the first place. There are two reasons why it is absolutely shocking that the DNC servers even got hacked.

The first reason is that it came after all the hype and discussion about Hillary’s unsecured email server. Why did the DNC not learn something from this?

The second reason is that US intelligence warned both the DNC and RNC that they were vulnerable to hacking. The RNC took the threat serious and increased their level of cyber security, but the DNC ignored the threat. Again, why didn’t the DNC listen to the warnings from US intelligence?

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What if Hitler Never Declared War on the United States?

Hitler Never Declared War on the United StatesMany historical scholars believe that Nazi Germany would have had a much better chance of winning World War II if Hitler hadn’t declared war on the United States. And there are several compelling reasons for this theory.

More Focus on Europe

Without America’s military, Germany could have totally dominated Europe, especially if they had upheld the non-aggression pact they had signed with Stalin and the Russians. They had already gotten France to submit and Britain had been very much weakened after the repeated bombings they received from the Germany.

However in the end, both President Roosevelt and Hitler believed that it was inevitable that the United States would enter the war – it was just a matter of when. Even if that were the case, had the Americans joined the conflict just a few years later, circumstances could have far different. American forces would have probably faced a much stronger Nazi army in 1943.

A big part of Germany’s success lies with how they planned to address the Russians. Regardless of what the United States did and when, invading the Soviet Union would have been a game changer either way.

Check out the video below on the “8 Ways that Germany Could Have Won World War II”

The World is Actually Safer with More Nuclear Weapons

The World is Actually Safer with More Nuclear WeaponsFor many years, the United States has gone out of its way to prevent its foes from getting nuclear weapons. And when we consider how many times the world almost saw a nuclear Armageddon throughout the Cold War, along with the recent threats from “rogue states” such as North Korea, it sounds like a critical goal to many. However, the strategy that America is employing to prevent nuclear weapons across the globe is approaching the point where the price tag is outweighing the benefits.

Nuclear Weapon Deterrence

While nuclear technology is not new, it is very costly to develop a nuclear weapon. However, trying to keep another country from achieving nuclear capabilities is much more expensive. That country’s economy has to be crippled in order to make things very expensive for that government to continue its path to nuclear weapons. It calls for the destroying of laboratories and factories with either aggressive cyber-attacks or sanctions. Sometimes even important scientists and engineers are kidnapped in order to cripple their ongoing nuclear research. In the end, it is the citizens of that country who feel the brunt of the economic crippling.

For instance, we have the country of Iran, who is actively developing their nuclear technology and they are very much aware that the United States has a superior military. And also all the other countries in the world know all about the huge nuclear arsenal of America—and they all know that the US could annihilate any country on the planet with the push of a button.

But North Korea knows good and well that when they develop even a meager nuclear arsenal, it has made countries like America a lot more hesitant to cross their borders. This is a lesson that Pyongyang has recently from observing countries that have no nuclear weapons like Iraq, Libya, and Syria. The United States has invaded all those countries, so watching enemies of the US scramble to create nuclear weapons is very understandable. They are not necessarily interested in firing them; they want the benefits of deterrence.

So should the US keep waging preventive wars with other countries?

Barry Posen, who is the Director of MIT’s Security Studies Program, believes that the U.S. policies is making other countries feel less secure.

“I worry about not nuclear weapons in the hands of states, but nuclear weapons that are not in the hands of states. I worry about nuclear weapons that are lost, nuclear weapons that are stolen, nuclear weapons that are poorly aligned, nuclear weapons that are sold off the back of trucks.”

Concerns like this are quite valid. Within US military history, there have been 32 accidents with nuclear weapons which are called “Broken Arrows.” Many of those weapons are still missing today. Outside of the US, most “loose nukes” has been attributed to  Russia after the Soviet Union collapsed.

“There have been no confirmed reports of missing or stolen former-Soviet nuclear weapons, but there is ample evidence of a significant black market in nuclear materials,” states an article coming from the Council on Foreign Relations. “The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reported more than a hundred nuclear smuggling incidents since 1993, eighteen of which involved highly enriched uranium, the key ingredient in an atomic bomb and the most dangerous product on the nuclear black market.”

It is totally rational for any country to desire nuclear weapons, and since that technology is now somewhat old, it has become more and more difficult to prevent nuclear proliferation. In fact, it is inevitable and just a matter of when.

This is the reason that Posen has argued that preventive wars are not best route for the US. They should focus instead on preventing those weapons from reaching radical groups. At least countries have borders to protect and are invested in a defensive policy of some sort. Radical groups would care nothing about nuclear deterrence.

“…what we want to do is make sure that nuclear weapons that are in the hands of states remain in the hands of states,” Posen says. “Any state that has nuclear weapons, we should be talking to them about best practices to ensure that nobody sells, nobody steals, nobody loses, nobody breaks. This requires a lot of application, a lot of organization.”  

Read more about – http://bigthink.com/charles-koch-institute/a-safer-world-is-one-where-americas-enemies-hold-onto-their-nuclear-weapons

Does the US have the 5 Elements of Fascism?

Does the US have the 5 Elements of FascismMany Americans are witnessing the most politically polarizing times of their lifetimes. Both sides have and continue to make remarkable claims and accusations about the other side. One of those claims have been claiming the other sides are engaging in fascism.

Is this really true? Is American seeing one of her major political parties become fascists? Maybe we should examine this charge more closely.

The Real World of Fascism

To begin with, the word fascist is hardly ever used correctly. The present use totally ignores the historical precedent as well as the precise environment that is needed before a country can become fascist.

Actually, fascists do not come from Germany and the Nazis. Instead they come from Italy. The Italian leader Benito Mussolini started the National Fascist Party during the years of 1919 to 1921, right after the conclusion of World War I. As a matter of fact, the very word “fascism” is derived from “fascio littorio”, which is a group of rods that are tied to an axe, which is a symbol for the magistrate’s authority that originated in ancient Rome. And this authority could be used to order capital punishment if necessarily.

What has to happen for a country to go fascist?

1) Fascism requires a militaristic society. One of the reactions to World War I was the extreme militarization of several countries. Nations such as Germany and  Italy believed there was a great need for having the ability to quickly mobilize millions of people very quickly in order to fight wars and for various means of economic support.

2) Fascists reject democracy. They do not believe in governments where the general population is allowed to select government powers, because it is felt that the populous is not capable of picking proper leaders. Thus, people’s rights and freedoms are limited.

3) Fascists prefer a totalitarian rule of one-party with a strong sole leader (a dictator). They believe that this configuration allows for the country to enjoy an unparalleled national unity of purpose, to have a much more ordered society, and to maximize readiness for any armed conflict. It is also believed that these societies are better prepared to react quicker to economic measures as well, particularly during times of difficulties. This is what causes fascist countries to isolate themselves, and then they tend to blame international economics for its problems.

4) Fascism is not solely a left-wing or right-wing society. It can actually have elements from both sides of the political spectrum. Even Mussolini described the fascist movement as one that will strike “against the backwardness of the right and the destructiveness of the left”.

The historian Roger Griffin from Britain wrote that fascist societies from the 20th century possessed such elements as “a rebirth myth, populist ultra-nationalism and the myth of decadence.” In other words, fascism makes the claim that these radical and nationalist new politics will left a nation out of decadence and into a renewal period of renewal.

5) Fascism causes people to freely give up their ideals out of great fear for their safety. Nations who got the short end of the stick after World War I were quite ripe for a fascist movement because many of them greatly feared the rest of the world. This is a very important element of fascism as people are required to give up their rights in exchange for safety and security.

Is the US Really Ready for Fascism?

What would it actually take for the United States to brush aside democracy for the dark side? There are many out there who become fearful upon hearing the slogan “make America great again”, which does indicate a need for the renewal of America. But then there are others who fear a stronger government would only bring tyranny that take their guns away, take their money, and even dissolve their religion. Thus, both parties see elements of fascism in the other. The strong presence of state within the fascist structure directly defies the beliefs of the US Republican party, while potential social restrictions do not sit well for the Democratic party. This means in reality, fascism is a government that doesn’t really fit either political party in America.

As a matter of fact, these fascist conditions are not currently present in our country – at least not on a national level. Quite honestly, it appears to be impossible for any movement to attain the required militarization, get complete control of the media, and then have the social power that would be needed to become a serious threat to the democracy of the United States. However, as the old saying goes, never say never.

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How 10 Notorious Dictators Died

When we think of a brutal dictator, we tend to think they lived by the sword, they must’ve have died by the sword – right? That assumption would be wrong for the most part – for most of them anyway.

It seems that our inclinations of these wicked dictators dying at the hands of an assassin, getting slaughtered after being overrun by an opposing arming, or even getting trampled by their enraged populace was not true in most cases. The majority of them died of old age.

However, the ways that these 10 notoriously brutal dictators died is still quite interesting and worth learning about. There were a few who met a worthy ending.

Deaths of 10 Brutal Dictators

Francisco_Franco_19501) Francisco Franco, Spain (1892-1975) – Francisco Franco began his brutal ruling of Spain from the year 1939 until he died in the year 1975. Among his questionable practices was the censoring of his political opponents, creating concentration camps for political enemies and instituting death penalties for those who spoke against him and his policies.

Franco’s health worsened during his late 70s, and he was forced to step away from daily duties and when became afflicted by his final illness. The dictator battled Parkinson’s disease, which is a degenerative disease that restricts bodily movement. On October 30, 1975, Franco drifted into a coma. He stayed on life support until November 20, when he died at the ripe old age of 82.

Mao_Zedong2) Mao Zedong, China (1893-1976) – Communist leader Chairman Mao Zedong from China also died at age 82. And like Franco, Mao struggled with poor health for a lengthy period prior to his death. The very last time that people saw him in public was in the month of May 1976. While it is not exactly clear what ailed Chairman Mao, many believed that he suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which is a degenerative condition of nerve cells that make movement difficult.

Mao suffered from a heart attack on September 2, 1976, which led to his downfall. He suffered from different ailments over the days that followed, including a lung infection. Then on September 7, he lapsed into a coma and he never awoke again. Doctors removed him from life support the next day, and then he passed away a couple of minutes after midnight on September 9.

Kim_Il_Sung3) Kim Il-sung, North Korea (1912-1994) – Kim Il-sung [JB1] became the very first leader of North Korea when he took office in 1948 and established a hereditary dynasty. His grandson, Kim Jong-un, is the current ruler of the country. However technically, Kim Il-sung is still the country’s president, since he was proclaimed to remain in that position through eternity after he died in the year 1994.

Kim’s regime developed a North Korea that is virtually isolated from the entire outside world. During the late 1980s, a prominent tumor located on his neck became very visible during the broadcasts of official news. This was in spite of his trying to stand in way to hide its growth from the cameras.

Ultimately, a heart attack wound up killing Kim in the end. He collapsed on July 8, 1994, and then died a few hours later at the age of 82.

4) Augusto Pinochet, Chile (1915-2006) – Augusto Pinochet became dictator of Chile by a military coup in the year 1973. His regime was well known for the killing and imprisonments of dissidents, and for also torturing thousands of citizens.

But Pinochet agreed to step down peacefully in the year 1990 as he handed power over to Patricio Aylwin Azócar who had been democratically elected. All of his human rights crimes eventually came back to torment him. He had been placed under house arrest while in Great Britain during the year 1998, and was given back to Chile 2 years later – supposedly for medical reasons which included mild dementia.

While his legal battles waged on, Pinochet’s health keep on plummeting. After being charged with 23 counts of torture, one count of murder, and 36 counts of kidnapping, Pinochet suffered a major heart attack on December 3, 2006. He then died at the age of 91 while in intensive care on December 10 and was never convicted for his crimes.

Nicolae_Ceausescu5) Nicolae Ceausescu, Romania (1918-1989) – Romania’s very last Communist leader met his final end on Christmas Day in the year 1989. The nation’s mood was quite rebellious that December, and Ceausescu had attempted to pacify his citizens with a carefully controlled public speech on December 21. The crowd responded by booing him. Ceausescu’s refusal to fully understand what this heckling really meant to his leadership only bolstered the rebellion that was rising against him.

The very next day, Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, took a helicopter and escaped Bucharest just a few minutes before the arrival of an angry mob. But this respite was only temporary. The army later captured the couple and gave them a show trial, where they were given a death sentence for corruption and genocide. Even though there was usually a 10-day period for contesting the ruling, this execution was carried out immediately.

The hands of Ceausescus were tied and then they were placed against a wall. Then a firing squad promptly riddled them with bullets. One of the executioners named Dorin-Marian Cirlan described the experience as quite haunting. “He looked into my eyes and realized that he was going to die right then, not sometime in the future, then started to cry,” Cirlan commented of Ceausescu.

Saddam_Hussein6) Saddam Hussein, Iraq (1937-2006) – The brutal dictator Saddam Hussein from Iraq had his seat of power removed when the United States invaded Iraq in the year 2003. United States forces later discovered Hussein hiding deep in a “spider hole” that was located in the ground close to his hometown. He was promptly arrested, and later in the year 2006, he received a death sentence for the heinous murder of 148 Iraqis in the year 1982. This was a massacre against his own people that he ordered because of an attempted assassination.

On December 30, 2005, Saddam Hussein was taken to the gallows located at Camp Justice, which was located northeast of Baghdad. A cellphone video that was later leaked showed that Hussein became very vocal as he died, shouting back at hecklers, proclaiming himself as Iraq’s savior and demanding that  Iraqis to fight off against the hated Americans. His body was later buried at his hometown of Al-Awja.

Muammar_al-Gaddafi7) Muammar Gadhafi, Libya (1942-2011) – Muammar Gadhafi became the leader of Libya during the year 1969 and kept a firm grip on his dictatorship until the year 2011. Then he fled the city of Tripoli as it was taken over by rebels during the Liberian Civil War. No one knew where you was for several months, but most experts claim he hid somewhere within his hometown of Sirte with a group of loyalists.

When Sirte fell on October 20, Gadhafi and his group attempted to escape within a convoy that was heavily bombed by NATO forces. He hid himself within a drainage pipe alongside of a road, which was where Libyan forces found and captured him.

What ensured after this is heavily disputed. Original reports claimed Gadhafi got accidentally killed in crossfire, but this story is not supported by existing evidence, as stated in a 2012 Human Rights Watch report. Videos from various cellphones show Gadhafi alive and bloodied while in captivity. They also show him getting dragged, getting beaten, and getting poked with a bayonet. At some point during this captivity, he got shot in the head. Gadhafi’s body was then displayed inside a freezer for several days in the city of Misrata.

Joseph-Stalin8) Joseph Stalin, Russia (1878-1953) – Joseph Stalin was responsible for more deaths than anyone during the twentieth century, but trying to determine his exact victim count is no easy task. Official records indicate that at least 3 million died from executions and in prison camps under his rule, but most experts believe that numbers are very likely inaccurate. They attribute several million more deaths that he caused from famines and the like that were brought on by his cruel policies. Most historians of today believe Stalin’s death count is more like 15 to 20 million deaths.

If this death count bothered Stalin, then he did a masterful job of hiding it as he lived to be 73 years of age. One night, after enjoying a movie and a late-night dinner with a few political colleagues, Stalin went to bed in the early morning hours of March 1, 1953. He didn’t come out of his room the next morning. His guards had been ordered not to disturb him, so they were afraid to check on him. He was discovered on the floor of his room around 10 or 11 pm that night. He was on the floor, soaked in his own urine, after suffering a major stroke – but he was still alive.

He barely hung on until March 5 when he finally passed away. Regarding his final moments, his daughter had written, “At the last moment he suddenly opened his eyes. It was a horrible look — either mad, or angry and full of fear of death. … Suddenly he raised his left hand and sort of either pointed up somewhere, or shook his finger at us all. … The next moment his soul, after one last effort, broke away from his body.”

Benito_Mussolini9) Benito Mussolini, Italy (1883-1945) – Benito Mussolini, who was an Italian Fascist leader, got ousted from his rule in the month of July 1943 when Italy’s odds of enjoying a World War II victory became bleak. This ouster marked the beginning of the end for Benito Mussolini. He was arrested immediately and was imprisoned at the Campo Imperatore Hotel which was located in the central region of Italy. In September, German paratroopers swooped in and rescued him. He went to Germany, and later went Lombardy when is in northern Italy. Mussolini he seemed to understand that his end was near. In the year 1945, he remarked to an interviewer, “Seven years ago I was an interesting person. Now I am a corpse.”

In in only a few months after that, he did become a corpse. In the month of April 1945, Mussolini along with his mistress Clara Petacci were caught during an escape attempt as they tried to go to Spain. They were captured by communist partisans, who took them hostage and later shot them. Afterwards, their bodies were hung upside down in Milan’s Piazzale Loreto – which was the execution site for 15 anti-fascists the previous year. Citizens spit of their bodies and hammered them with rocks. Photos of their grisly corpses were very widely circulated.

Adolf_Hitler10) Adolf Hitler, Germany (1889-1945) – Adolf Hitler is perhaps the most notorious exception of dictators living into older ages. In the closing days of World War II, as the Russian Army was pursuing him at Berlin, Hitler went into a bunker that was located underneath the Reich Chancellery building.

As more and more bad news reached him, Hitler began to make preparations to die on his terms rather than his enemies. He had heard of Mussolini’s death and how his body had been desecrated, so Hitler ordered for his body to be burned. He also married Eva Braun, his mistress, and then took cyanide capsules on April 30, 1945 after retiring to the bunker’s lower room. Braun took the cyanide, and then Hitler shot himself in the head. Hitler’s lieutenants burned the corpses as commanded, but the burning wasn’t complete. Russian armed forced then destroyed what was left of the remains.