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Top 7 Notorious Motorcycle Gangs

Mongols biker gang

When folks think about bikers, they see a vision of burly, leather clad guys with long beards riding throughout the nation raising hell and starting barroom brawls. In reality, most bikers out there are actually law-abiding citizens who have jobs and are raising families. The outlaw bikers that we first …

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6 Crazy Civil War Weapons

6 crazy civil war weapons

The Civil War (1861-1865) in America took place during an era of the Industrial Revolution. This happens to be span of time when the world saw some of craziest inventions ever made. In addition to that, wars have a way of forcing creativity to come up with new and sneaky …

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5 Alarming Facts about Church History

5 Alarming Facts about Church History

How many facts about church history do you know about? We are not talking about common events in bible like Noah’s Ark or the Ten Commandments; we are referring to the growth of the church itself. In other words, we are talking about the things that happened after the crucifixion …

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11 Dark Evil Secrets of George Soros

evil george soros

When it comes to dark evil secrets, not many people have more than billionaire George Soros. This man of questionable character has become one of the most powerful and controversial figures in the world. For some people, his financial support of groups who supposedly promote democracy in Eastern Europe has …

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10 Most Brilliant Military Commanders in History

most brilliant military commanders

As we examine history, there are literally thousands of men (and women) who have proven that they were amazing strategists and tacticians on the battlefield. There is no doubt that they were exceptional military commanders and achieved both victories and respect as a result of their immense military knowledge. However, …

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7 Gospels you won’t find in the Holy Bible

gospels you wont find in the bible

The Christian Holy Bible has four (4) very special books known as the Gospels. These canonical books serve as narrations about the life of Jesus. The majority of the stories are legendary and well-known, and all Christians can quickly repeat the main events in those four books. Many of them …

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6 Violent Ways the Disciples of Jesus Died

jesus disciple deaths

We are all well aware of the violent death that Jesus suffered. It doesn’t get much more violent that being nailed to a cross and being left to die. However, not many of us are fully aware of how his twelve disciplines died – other than Judas, who hung himself. …

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7 Bizarre Cities that Actually Exist

Remember all those crazy bizarre cities that we see on TV and the movie screen? The amazing thing is that many of those kinds of bizarre cities actually exist on our planet. Is this a crazy world or what? If you think that you have seen it all, think again. …

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How Will We Fight Future Wildfires?

future wildfires

We saw that last year turned out to be the most damaging wildfire season ever for California, with over a million acres destroyed. Sadly, those records are being surpassed by the wildfire damages that are taking place this year. The Camp Fire itself has turned out to be the deadliest …

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The 4 Hidden Problems of Socialism

hidden problems with socialism

Ah socialism … Many of those among us view this ideology as the straightest path to utopia. They feel it is the one type of government that is the answer to all our problems. To be honest, many of us have been attracted to the concept of a socialistic society …

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How the Industrial Revolution Affected Great Britain

industrial revolution

From the later part of the 18th century through the early 19th century, Great Britain underwent an incredible change in virtually all aspects of their lives – thanks to the Industrial Revolution. Scientific developments and technological inventions brought forth growth in both faming production and industrial output, a huge expansion …

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Is Our Creativity Evolving?

is our creativity evolving

In the last few decades, we have been made aware that human knowledge is growing at exponential rates. Thanks to Moore’s Law, our exposure to data and information has increased at alarming rates. Since the beginning of the information age, the world has drastically changed. This leaves us with the …

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