Category: Humanity

Have we really discovered a new prejudice in liberals? This has been cited within a new study that was posted in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, as they looked at what occurs after “social liberals” are taught about that “white privilege” exists. While this makes them see white people as having more benefits in society, these […]
Across the generations, we have seen civilizations build and create countless amazing structures, and many of these creations represented monumental legacies that were left behind with great pride. However, the unfortunate thing about this is that just a few of these incredible structures are even recognized, much less world-renowned. Most people worldwide have heard about […]
As we examine history, there are literally thousands of men (and women) who have proven that they were amazing strategists and tacticians on the battlefield. There is no doubt that they were exceptional military commanders and achieved both victories and respect as a result of their immense military knowledge. However, there are those select few […]
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