Can We Really Identify the Greatest Minds of All Time?


Selecting the greatest minds of all time is not as simple as it may seem. In our society today, we are able to measure intelligence in several different ways and by different methods. Those techniques range from standard IQ tests to incredible artistic or scientific accomplishment. Such achievements could be cumulative across an entire lifetime, or it could be a single accomplishment that shines about all others.

If we look at Merriam-Webster for the definition of intelligence we see that they describe it as: the ability to learn or understand; to deal with new or trying situations; to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment; to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria; to comprehend and to perform computer function.

This definition could be interpreted as merely the ability to survive and make an ample living with one’s life. Obviously, this is one of the basic requirements of life on our planet – something that billions of us have accomplished.

But the definition does nothing to address things like logic, science, art, philosophy, and reason. As you can see, by this definition and illustration, selecting the greatest minds is not a simple task.

Listed below as a video that has selected the 10 greatest minds in the history of mankind:


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