How to Become a Genius – 6 Steps to Take


How to Become a Genius – 6 Steps to TakeIf you are like most people, then you are probably thinking that you are fairly intelligent – but do you know how to become a genius? Studies have shown that average Americans see themselves as smart. But when we examine the IQ’s of people, the majority of us fall into the 80-110 range. These IQ score generally peak when we are either in our late teens or our early 20s, but that is not to say our potential is permanent either.

IQ Scores are not the Whole Story

“The fact is, intelligence can be increased–and quite dramatically,” claims Bryan Roche, who is a behavior-analytic psychologist from the National University of Ireland. “Those who claim that IQ is fixed for life are in fact referring to our IQ test scores, which are relatively stable–not to our intelligence levels, which are constantly increasing.”

So anybody has a possibility for genius or even greatness – so it is not too late to make something of yourself. We have to let go of that myth which tells us that our giftedness is innate.

David Shenk, who is the author of the book The Genius in All of Us, states that it is actually impossible to measure a person’s limitations at virtually any age. Everyone has the ability for greatness and can learn how to become a genius as well.

“A belief in inborn gifts and limits is much gentler on the psyche: The reason you aren’t a great opera singer is because you can’t be one. That’s simply the way you were wired. Thinking of talent as innate makes our world more manageable, more comfortable. It relieves a person of the burden of expectation,” he states in the pages of his book.

The Story on Increasing your Intelligence

So if you are someone who desires to be more intelligent than the average American, it is well within your reach. After all, gaining Intelligence is simply the capability acquire skills and knowledge. This includes being able to reason, remember information, solve problems and be creative. So let us look at 6 steps on how to become a genius.

1. Boost Your Memory

There is ample data out there which suggests that when we increase our fluid intelligence, which is the general ability to think and reason abstractly, we can solve new problems that are independent of any previous knowledge we may have had. This directly implies that a great way to increase fluid intelligence is by boosting our memory.

2. Look at New Points of View

One of the quickest ways to increase your level of intelligence is by looking at the other person’s point of view. Listen to the other side of arguments and try to make sense of them. When you do this, your mind begins to open up to new trains of thought and there is a bonus to doing this as well – you become wiser and gain some wisdom along the way. Never forget that wisdom is the pinnacle of knowledge – always grab more wisdom at every opportunity.

3. Embrace Motivation

The one constant in our world is this – whenever there is incredible achievement, there is also motivation. It is almost impossible to see great accomplishments in the absence of motivation. This is why we must always find fresh new sources of motivation – it will help boost the genius inside of us.

4. Engage in Cardio Exercise

Lots of data out there supports the notion that cardiovascular fitness has been known to help your intellect in countless ways. It will boost your long term memory (item #1), and it can increase your verbal intelligence too. And many people claim that their best ideas occur during their most intense workouts.

5. Playing Video or Computer Games

Many people think that video games are a big waste of time and only losers play them, but actually they are quite helpful if you want to learn how to become a genius. Playing these games will stimulate neuron growth and encourage connectivity in the brain regions that are responsible for spatial orientation, strategic planning, and memory formation. A recent study performed at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and also the Charité University Medicine in Berlin, scientists discovered that video games like Super Mario actually helps the brain by improving perceptual, sensory, and attentional tasks.

Video games have also been known to help reverse negative effects on the brain that are associated with aging as well. Studies conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, revealed that video games increased mental skills such as focusing and multitasking in older adults. Gaming also improves short-term memory and cognitive abilities in the elderly.

6. Meditate

Daily meditation has been discovered to boost the neuroplasticity of the brain, according to recent studies. Scientists noted significant improvements in attentiveness and the fluid intelligence of those who meditate regularly.

Becoming More Intelligent

It is amazing how these 6 steps will show those who are interested in how to become a genius. With a just a little bit of persistency and dedication, you should see some remarkable results in a short time.


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