Are We Really That Happy?


being happyHappiness is something that all of us want. Whenever people are asked about their overall goals in their lives, the most popular response is usually happiness. They might not express that exact phrase, but the items they do list are things that they believe will make them happy. They usually mention things like becoming wealthy, finding their ideal career, connecting with their soulmates, and starting a family.

These are all common things that are connected to the feelings of being happy. So when it comes right down to it, the pursuit of being happy is what motivates most of us. Every single day, we slave away at our jobs trying to get closer to these goals. There is a common myth that we tend to believe of not being able to enjoy happiness until we reach these goals – the ones that we associate with being happy.

In reality, many of us work our whole life in pursuit of our own personal brand of happiness, but we come up very short of finding because of what we have linked to what gives us happiness. Do you see how this could be a problem?

Unfortunately, we end up living a very bitter and unfulfilled life. The problem is that we have spent our entire life associating our happiness with desires like lots of wealth, job promotions, or the perfect soulmate. Here lies the big problem – if you are not content prior to having any of these things, you probably will not be happy after achieving them either.

There is nothing at all wrong with going after goals and success, but when you attach your whole being and level of happiness to that end, you are going to be extremely disappointed. Anytime we allow external things to make us happy, we are going to be let down – because we have little control over those things in the end.

The video below indicates some very real and disturbing things about seeking happiness:

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