Amazing Weapons that are Coming In the Future


When you think about it and you examine history, technology and warfare make a perfect match when it comes to destruction on the battlefield. Innovations by the military throughout history all the way from wooden catapults to nuclear bombs have transformed our methods of war ever since prehistoric men began carving arrows to protect themselves over 10,000 years ago.

The future visions don’t always reflect the experiences of military brass, but in all probability, future battlefields will bear very little resemblance to the battlefields of today.

With various world governments that meet in the United Nations in Geneva continuing to discuss Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) along with the ‘third revolution in warfare’ it appears that many of today’s automated killing machines are close to transforming from science fiction to action on a real battlefields.

This is actually the fifth time that government representatives have gathered at the UN to review the realities of LAWS and all the complications it will bring to our world.

The Internet of Battlefield Discussions

Dr Alexander Kott from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory published a report on the future scenarios for an “internet of battle things in highly adversarial environments” that purports a huge variety of highly intelligent network systems that will compete for dominance during battlefield action.

These will be something like much of the warfare technology that is being developed today according to his paper. Items like automated ground sensors, guided drones and missiles, and will also include all types of robots all the way from those that are as small as insects (in drone swarms) to huge vehicles that will transport troops.

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