10 Ways to Use Body Language to Improve Your Communication Skills


10 Ways to Use Body Language to Improve Your Communication SkillsWe have all heard experts tell us that the majority of all communication is non-verbal. Trial attorneys understand the importance of this as they rigorously coach their clients on how to conduct themselves physically while testifying in court.

10 Body Language Tips

Needless to say, there are important correlations between our body language and how well we communicate and connect with other people. The way we communicate is greatly affected by our body language. With this in mind, let us examine 10 body language tips which will drastically improve your communication skills.

1) Do Not Cross Arms or Legs

In order to indicate your openness to others, you must keep your body opened. This means that you should not cross your legs and arms. Doing this makes a person look guarded and defensive. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that opening your legs and arms will actually boost your retention.  When a person crosses their legs and arms subconsciously, then they are actually closing themselves from both other people and any new information.

2) Maintain an Eye Contact

To communicate effectively, we need to show an interest in what others are saying. The easiest and most effective way to do this is look into the other person’s eyes. If you look elsewhere, it appears that you have no interest in the conversation and have your mind somewhere else. And if you want to inject your interest in the conversation further, then you should try nodding at appropriate times in the discussion. The importance thing here is to keep eye contact without staring.

3) Smile with Your Entire Face

A smile is just about always welcome in a conversation, but a forced smile could actually have the opposite effect. We have all seen times when people smile out of duty. What happens is they only smile with their mouth. The rest of their face doesn’t follow along. This is a horrible thing during a conversation with someone. Make sure your smile is warm and authentic, which means letting your entire face get involved.

4) Do Not Point

It is a fact that many of us tend to get a little animated during conversations. There is nothing at all wrong with this, but it should not include pointing your finger at another person in your conversation. This can actually have a threatening effect on others, and if you want your communication skills to become more effective and influential, then you certainly do not any gesture to counteract your intentions.

5) Do Not Droop Your Arms and Shoulders

If you droop those arms and shoulders, then you make yourself much smaller and you then become less influential. When this happens, others will not notice and remember you, and this is not a good thing for your communication skills.

6) Do Not Distance Yourself from Them

Personal space is a funny thing. Invading someone’s space can make them uncomfortable, but pulling away from them will make them uncomfortable in a different way. Remember that even a formal or profession conversation has a degree of intimacy and you must position yourself at a proper distance. The best way to gage this is by how comfortable you feel.

7) Do Not Turn Your Feet Away

Many people do not think about the position of their feet, but it is a small subtle thing that can have a small effect. Some experts believe that the legs might be the most sincere part of the human body. With this in mind, then you should make sure your feet are standing into the conversation. An added effect is standing with your legs apart which indicate you are confident.

8) Laugh and Smile

We addressed smiling earlier, so now we are adding laughter to the mix. Laughing and smiling are two of the most authentic things that humans do together. In fact, they do these things when they are enjoying each other’s company, so be sure and do them. But you must be sincere.

9) Keep Your Head Up

If you hold your head up too high, it comes across as being arrogant. On the other hand, when your head is down you are giving the impression that you are reserved and shy. Keeping the head down also comes across as someone that feels guilty and does not want to engage with the other person. Maintain a good eye level with the other person throughout the conversation.

10) Do Not Hold Anything in Front of Your Heart

When you attending a party, be aware of where you are holding your beverage. If you hold it in front of your heart, then close yourself off from others during conversations. So make it a habit not ever hold anything in front of the heart. Doing this will make you appear as distant and guarded.

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